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It is our mission in the Voyager Elementary Library to provide books and information in a fun and challenging learning environment. Our library serves Pre-K through 5th grade classes. The library is open to students for chromebook help and for book check-out during the day and during scheduled library class times.  Students and staff use the library in a variety of ways:

  • Selection of personal choice reading materials and classroom assigned topics

  • Meetings such as staff meetings, professional development, and student council

There are no resources or collections to display

2023 - 2024 Book Fair Dates:

Fall TBD

Spring TBD

Please mark your calendars the books fairs for the 2023 - 2024 year have been booked and are ready for students, parents and of course all of you to shop and dream of new places to explore in your imaginations.

There will be 2 in-person book fairs this year During book fair and delivery time the library will be closed. Please be advised during student times in the library at the fair; backpacks, bags, purses, or bags of any kind are not allowed in the library with students as a class or individually. (This is a policy that is non-negotiable please leave those items in the classroom or outside on the benches.)

There will be a teacher wish list board with slips for you to put in your teacher pockets, for parent free-choice to donate to your classroom. More info to come on these events as they draw closer.

Library Staff:

Mrs. Rachel Dodson

Library Technician

1-253-530-4821 Circulation Desk


Hours: 8:30 am-3:30 pm

Thank you for reading with your child for 30 Minutes each day.




If you are experiencing issues with Chromebooks there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot:

  1. Do a quick log out.  Hold Ctrl + Shift and Q+Q. This will completely log your student out. 

  1. Log back in and follow these steps to update Chrome.

  1. If you are experiencing issues with the Chromebook microphone please check the following setting

  1. Take a moment and review this chart that may help your student navigate your Chromebook and work more efficiently. 

  1. Check to make sure that your student has only school related tabs open. The fewer tabs open the less bandwidth is required.

  1. Finally, you may do a reimage/reset on the Chromebook. Here are the step by step directions.

       If you are unable to resolve your Chromebook issues please contact me during school hours so we can coordinate repairs and replacements.